Covid Meeting

Covid-19 Secure League Meeting Requirements

All guidance from England Athletics can be found under news on England Athletics website. The latest document dated 11th March 2021 can be found here.

You need to look at these carefully.

Some points to remember:


  • U18 athletes need to seek parental permission
  • Each athlete should carry hand sanitizer
  • Ensure you have enough food and hydration for the meeting
  • All athletes must wear a mask at all times other than when competing


  • Each host club should carry out a risk assessment of the facility in conjunction with the facility provider.
  • Each host must have COVID-19 Officer, whose sole duty on the day is this job. (See Appendix 2)
  • Each host should have at least one person assisting the COVID-19 officer
  • If the licence is for a level one competition and the cage is non-compliant, a risk assessment must be carried out beforehand.
  • Each club will possibly need someone on reception to control Track and Trace, etc
  • Changes should be online – no paper changes allowed.
  • Results must be displayed behind windows. They cannot be displayed outside on a board or wall for example.
  • Inform all visiting clubs of the details of the layout of the facility. Show where toilets can be found and where standing areas are positioned and allow for safe distancing
  • Keep a register of all athletes, officials and spectators (if any). Track and Trace app at the entrance for those who have the app.
  • Otherwise forms for people to complete. At the entrance.
  • Teams to complete and hand in a form with the teams track and trace details


  • Host club to provide a COVID-19 officer and at least an assistant. (see separate section for the requirements).
  • The COVID-19 Risk Assessment must have been done in advance.
  • Display the licence for the meeting
  • Have ample PPE on site (face masks / gloves)
  • Plenty of cleaning equipment
  • Keep entrance ways clear
  • Refreshments will not be provided for officials, except tea and coffee. (Please remind visiting teams of this change)
  • Event cleaning as per the guidance (See Appendix ONE)


  • Officials will need to bring their own food
  • Tea and Coffee will be provided
  • Officials must complete the Track and Trace Forms
  • Officials should note the cleaning instructions (See Appendix One)


Event Guidance March 2021

100m to 400m including hurdles and relays– Clean all touch points between events

– Athletes own blocks or sanitised between each user

– Hurdles can be used by a coach and athlete provided the equipment is thoroughly cleaned according to guidance before and after each session.

– Relay batons sanitised before and after use. Athletes sanitise hands before and after relay training and competition. Suggest face masks for relay warm up, low level drills, where cannot socially distance.

– Minimise gathering before and after races
800m to 1500m– Normal racing format for middle distance events

– Minimise gathering before and after races
3000m and Steeplechase– Normal racing format for longer distance events

– Minimise gathering before and after races

– Steeplechase barriers, the water jump, and hurdles can be used by a coach and athlete provided the equipment is thoroughly cleaned according to guidance before and after each session.
High Jump & Pole Vault– The mat is cleaned in line with manufacturers and UK Government guidance, before and after each group

– Operators must contact the manufacturer of the jump’s mats in use at their facility to confirm whether the proposed cleaning products can be used safely on their equipment. Disinfecting landing beds effectively against Coronavirus is the responsibility of the facility operator. The disinfectant used for this purpose must not damage or compromise the safety properties of the landing bed, or cause harm to staff, volunteers, or athletes.

– If sharing, poles should be re-gripped before use and any part of the pole outside of the grip should be cleaned before use by another athlete.

– Bars should be cleaned using an anti-viral spray or wipe before use and managed by dedicated individuals for a particular session – i.e. one athlete and the coach and cleaned between sessions.
Long & Triple Jump– The landing pit is fully cleaned by turning and raking of the sand before and after each group, and rake between individual athlete/user. A venue operator may choose to use a high mist spray of sterilising fluid of a suitable concentration to neutralise the virus, this can be sprayed over the sand after use, as well as a turn and rake.

– Equipment such as rakes and measuring tapes should be managed by dedicated individuals for a particular session – i.e. one athlete or the coach and cleaned between one athlete’s series of jumps or between sessions.
Throws– Coaches and athletes should ensure all equipment is used by one athlete and then thoroughly cleaned according to guidance before and after each session


COVID-19 Co-ordinator: Role & Responsibilities

  • Liaise with the facility manager in relation to all matters concerning Covid-19.
  • Produce site-based risk assessments to ensure that the competition is compliant with the latest UK Government guidelines.
  • Ensure all necessary levels of risk mitigation are in place prior to competition.
  • Ensure the competition is prepared and has planned for circumstances of injuries or accidents occurring, with mitigating procedures and plans in place to resolve them while maintaining compliance with relevant UK Government guidance (e.g. social distancing measures).
  • Ensure volunteers, officials, athletes and parents/guardians are adhering to the guidance.
  • Ensure the competition complies with the facility restrictions and guidance.
  • Ensure the competition has a process in place for capturing details of all members/participants who take part in every club session to facilitate possible track and trace requests.