Cage Assessment

The following is a Throws Cage Risk Assessment document.

Ref: Level 1 Licence: Throws Cage Risk Assessment

Thank you for submitting your event licence application.

At the current time UKA is not in receipt of a TrackMark cage safety inspection for your proposed competition venue.

In order to be able to issue a licence we require you to review the information below and then confirm that you have conducted a specific throws risk assessment for the event and have put appropriate control measures in place if they are required.

To do this simply complete the template Risk Assessment declaration at the foot of this page and email it to


  • The name and role of a responsible person MUST be included.
  • You DO NOT need to email your risk assessment document. The confirmation is all that we require

Upon receipt of this confirmation email we will then be able to issue you with an event licence.

Risk Assessment

To help guide you through the process we have listed some examples of typical hazards and control measures (this is not exhaustive), as well as links to risk assessment guidance and templates that you can use to help you carry out your risk assessment.

Typical throws cage hazards (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Non-compliant throws cage height meaning an increased risk of an implement flying over the top of the cage
  • Unconventional cage location/alignment and danger zone resulting in an increased risk of an implement landing on the track
  • Damaged or unsuitable netting increasing the risk of an implement “passing through” the net
  • Insufficient gap between cage frame and netting meaning an increased risk of ricochet/rebound
  • Unmarked/unclear gate fixing points increasing the risk of errant throws reaching populated areas

Control Measures (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Move the event to a venue with a compliant throws cage: See UKAs online Facilities Map for current cage status – click here
  • Request that the venue commissions a TrackMark Unit 2 inspection (upon receipt of an inspection report UKA will assess for compliance and if it passes issue an event licence)
  • Remove all throws activity that requires the use of the throws cage from the programme
  • Programme all caged throws activity to start and finish before the main track and field programme
  • Cordon off areas of the venue as appropriate to ensure safety of all persons

Guidance information

  • For throws safety guidance please click here (pages 27-38)
  • For risk assessment guidance please click here

IMPORTANT: Risk Assessment declaration

In order to issue a licence, you MUST cut and paste the declaration below, add your name and role and then email to: (Note: The person submitting the application should be the person who has overall responsibility for the event).

I can confirm that an event specific throws cage risk assessment has been conducted and that appropriate control measures will be put in place at the event to mitigate any risk of harm.

Note: For insurance purposes it is important that you keep a documented record of a dated and signed risk assessment for throws cage use at the event.