Loughborough International from 2022 Season

The Loughborough International Athletics meeting (LIA) is one of the premier early season events which will take place on 23rd May 2021. The meeting sees teams from Loughborough University, Great Britain and Northern Ireland Under 20’s, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Welsh Athletics, British Universities and the National Athletic League compete. International standard fields raise performance levels and provide a stepping stone for athletes with international aspirations. 

The match is held at the Paula Radcliffe Stadium.

Loughborough International Athletics Meeting. Photo: Melissa Gresswell via Flickr.
Loughborough International Athletics Meeting. Photo: Melissa Gresswell

Selection Criteria

National Athletic League selection is linked to performances at NAL League fixtures in the previous league season and the NAL May fixture. Selections will be made as follows-  

  1. Competed in the May 2022 NAL fixture or two 2021 NAL  fixtures. 
  2. Either first claim athlete or Higher Competition athlete from one of the NAL member clubs, 
  3. Confirmation of seasonal pb through Power 10.
  4. Highest ranked available athlete based upon current form selected. 

Selection Process

Once an athlete has achieved the above selection criteria they can submit a request for consideration to the NAL Selection Panel. To register please fill out the form below. 

The NAL team will be selected on 9th May.

Athletes may not appeal their non-selection.

The NAL’s Team Selection Policy for this event can be viewed here. For any queries on this subject, please contact teamleader@nationalathleticsleague.org.uk.