Section 1 – Introduction

This document defines and governs NAL policy of travel, expense, meetings and events reimbursement.  Any expenses incurred that do not comply with NAL policy will not be reimbursable.

As a members’ organisation, the NAL is reliant on the support it receives from its members, who should be neither out of pocket nor enjoy any financial gain when working voluntarily on NAL related activity.

Members should be able to satisfy themselves that they could justify to a fellow member any claim they make for payment of expenses, if challenged. The NAL has a responsibility to the members who finance its activities to ensure that expenditure on travel, expense, meetings and events is properly incurred, controlled and represents ‘value for money’.

The guidance below applies to:

1.1 Board and Committee Members attending meetings, including:

  • Attendance at Board or Committee meetings by Elected Members and co-opted others
  • Other meetings on NAL business
  • Other events where there is an identifiable benefit to the NAL
  • Meetings attended by Committee members in an official capacity on behalf of the NAL

1.2 Individuals engaged by the NAL to provided services at fixtures, (Reporter, Commentator, Results Co-ordinator, IT Support worker) Before spending money or committing to any expenditure, the relevant approval must be gained from the Chair.

1.3 Essential Track and Field Officials. Please note that any decisions regarding Essential Officials will be made on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the specific facts. Any such exceptional decisions do not create a general precedent. Before spending money or committing to any expenditure, the relevant approval must be gained from the Chair.

1.4 Promotion of Fixture Meetings. For those fixture venues which do not have a Member Club based at the Stadia, the Divisional Co-ordinator should complete Form A and attached relevant invoices or ask the Local Authority/Leisure Company to send invoices directly. Member Clubs promoting should Complete Form A and sent direct to the Finance Officer.   

Section 2 – Travel

2.1 Rail Travel

Wherever possible, advance standard class train tickets should be purchased. These are available up to 24 hours before the day of travel. As the dates of many meetings are known well in advance members are expected to take advantage of the financial benefits to the NAL of booking travel in advance. Full advantage should be taken of concessionary fares, cheap day tickets, and rail card options where appropriate.

2.2 Air Travel

For journeys longer than five hours you are entitled to travel economy class using low cost airlines, promotional fares and similar offers where practical.

2.3 Mileage

Travel by car is acceptable, please car share where possible. 

Travelling expenses will be reimbursed at the rate of 0.30 pence per mile.

Mileage must be calculated using AA Route Planner.

2.4 Tube, Trams, Bus and Taxis

Please travel by tube, tram or bus wherever practical, particularly for short journeys. Where it is impractical to use a tube, tram or bus, for example, because of heavy equipment/items, or more economical with four passengers, a taxi may be used. However, please avoid any additional charges, such as pre-booking or waiting time, wherever possible.

Please do not use taxis for long distance travel, except where the cost of such a journey is less than the cost of travel by other more economical means, and the cost of overnight accommodation that would have been required. 

Section 3 – Overnight accommodation

Where and when possible, you should travel on the day of the meeting without incurring overnight accommodation.  Where overnight accommodation is necessary please obtain advance clearance from the Chair.

Section 4 – Other Expenditure

The NAL will also reimburse the actual costs of postage, telephone calls and other incidental league expenses which are incurred as part of your duties as a member of the NAL. Also purchases made on behalf of the NAL. Please provide full details on your expense claim form, supported by receipts. Telephone calls will be reimbursed with associated VAT when supported by an itemised bill.

Section 5 – Promotion of Fixture Meeting Expenses

5.1 All host clubs to contribute to the cost of hosting fixtures with a maximum £350 club contribution cost per fixture.

5.2 Hosts from Premiership and Championship Clubs to receive maximum NAL Hosting Allowance of £1250 per match for the costs associated with track hire, score boards, electric timing, EDM, timing clocks and first aid. National One to receive maximum NAL Hosting Allowance of £900 per match for the costs associated with tack hire, electric timing, and first aid.  Allowance payable subject to NAL receiving invoices from companies/local authority providing the goods/service.

5.3 Where Premiership/Championship Host Clubs incur costs above £1600 please or £1250 for National One Clubs please speak with Keith Hopson NAL Finance Officer who will consider all funding requests on a case by case basis.

5.4 Where two clubs are joint hosts each club to contribute £175.

5.5 All Premiership and Championship host clubs to receive £245 allowance from the NAL towards official’s lunches and £ 25 towards refreshment per match. Allowance for National One hosting Clubs £175 and £25.

5.6 NAL to provide travel allowances for Track and Field Officials recruited by the host club/Meeting Manager for Senior positions and/or to ensure sufficient numbers of appropriately qualified officials covering field events, track, timekeeping, photo finish to comply with UKA Level 2 Licensing requirements.

5.6.1 Chief Officials and recruited officials to be reimbursed 0.25p per mile maximum £25 (100miles).

5.6.2 Travel Allowance payments does not include nominated officials from clubs in attendance who are part of each club’s requirement to provide six track and field officials. Whether they travelled with the team or independently.

5.6.3 Other expenses beyond the above limits, including hotel accommodation to be decided on a case by case basis for Senior Officials prior to the fixture by NAL finance officer Keith Hobson

Please complete Form B and submit to finance@nationalathleticsleague.org.uk.

Section 6 – Administration

The reimbursements can only be claimed when supported by receipts.

6.1 Receipts

Invoice, receipts or exerts from bank statements showing tickets purchased must support all expense claim forms. Please email your expense claim.

6.2 Payment of Claims

All expense claims will be paid in arrears based on the appropriate form being properly completed.

Claims for reimbursement should be made as soon as possible, expense claims should always be prepared honestly, legally and responsibly.

Reimbursements for Individuals engaged by the NAL, Essential Track and Field Officials require the completion of Form A, or Fixture Meeting Costs the completion of Form B and approval by the appropriate Vice Chair.

Reimbursements for Board and Committee Members should be sent directly to the Finance Officer by email (finance@nationalathleticsleague.org.uk).

The NAL will normally pay expenses by BACS direct to the member’s bank account. Any expenses paid by cheques will be posted to the member’s address.

6.3 Dispute

Where a dispute exists in respect of either: the interpretation of this policy; or an individual expense claim, the NAL Chair shall make the ultimate decision. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the specific facts. Any such exceptional decisions do not create a general precedent.30

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