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Click here for details of the NAL Four Club Fixture Timetable (Round 4)

Click here for details of the NAL Five Club Fixture Timetable (Round 4)

Variation to the start time and timetabling of events may be needed to comply with stadia and Health and Safety requirements. Please find the standard NAL timetable for eight club competition with external throws cage and dual horizontal run-ups.

Please note that in Fixture 1 & 3 the timetable will include 3000 meters and Fixture 2 & 4 the 5000 meters for men.

High Jump and Pole Vault starting heights for each fixture shall be in accordance with the following tables.

High JumpFixture 1Fixture 2Fixture 3Fixture 4
Pole VaultFixture 1Fixture 2Fixture 3Fixture 4
Photo: Lissgphotography