Guest Athletes

Harry Coppell. Photo: Mark Shearman

1. A limited number of guest athletes from non-NAL clubs may compete at the following NAL fixtures only. 

  • Round 1 – Sunday 6th June
  • Round 2 – Saturday 3rd July
  • Round 3 – Saturday 7th August
  • Round 4 – Saturday 28th August

2. Only guests who have achieved the event performance may apply. Performances must have been achieved within the preceding 24 months and be recorded on Power of 10.

3. Guest athletes must apply in advance, by midnight on: 

  • Thursday 27th May for Round One fixtures
  • Thursday 24th June for Round Two fixtures
  • Thursday 29th July for Round Three fixtures
  • Thursday 19th August for Round Four fixtures

4. Guest athletes who belong to non-NAL clubs must apply using the online application form on the NAL website below.

5. Guests must provide their name, post code, date of birth, club, event, event PB within the preceding 24 months, and email address. 

6. Requests must be received by the Leagues Operations Officer by midnight on the date in paragraph three for the relevant fixture. No exceptions.

7. Whilst the NAL will try and accommodate as many guests as it can who meet the performance criteria, the League does not undertake to invite as guests everyone who applies, as guest places on the field and track are subject to:

  • Availability within the timetable of Divisional Matches
  • The number of scheduled athletes per league event
  • The track and field facilities of the host track
  • Availability across all Divisional Matches per round
  • COVID restrictions

8. All selected guests will be notified through email by

  • Sunday 30th May for Round One fixtures
  • Sunday 27th June for Round Two fixtures
  • Sunday 1st August for Round Three fixtures

9. The selection of guests for any meeting is at the absolute discretion of the League Board and is not subject to appeal. 

10. Guest Standards 2021:

Long Jump7.406.10
Triple Jump15.4012.80
Pole Vault4.803.70
High Jump2.101.75

To apply, please fill out the form below: