Criteria to Host

The NAL has produced a standardised policy covering the venue, equipment and official requirements for the promotion of Premiership and Championship fixtures.

The National Athletic League is committed to increasing participation levels and improved performances through stadia with Trackmark status, UKA Licensing Level 2 for Premiership and Championship fixtures and ensuring appropriate numbers of Officials with recommended grade levels. Through these commitments NAL athlete performances are valid for record and championship qualifying standards.

A club that wants to promote Premiership or Championship fixture in the following season must notify the Operations Officer at the end of the current season. In offering to promote the Club must be able to fulfil the standards outlined in the following five sections.

Section One – Venue

For member clubs organising NAL competitions, facilities must have the following:

  • Accessible covered spectator seating for at least 240.
  • Eight Lane Track with valid UKA track measurement and levels survey conducted by a UKA approved surveyor.
  • At least one PV runway accommodating two directions for vaulting.
  • Two internal javelin runways with valid UKA field measurement and levels survey conducted by a UKA approved surveyor.
  • At least one LJ/TJ runway with pits at each end
  • World Athletics/UKA internal cage.
  • External Throws Facility.
  • Photo finish equipment.
  • Field event clocks x6 with external throw facility.
  • IAAF/UKA Competition specification HJ bed.
  • HJ stands which complies with World Athletics and UKA regulations.
  • IAAF?UKA Competition specification PV bed.
  • Field Event Performance Indicator Board x6
  • PV stands, which comply with World Athletics and UKA regulations.
  • Wind gauges (min x2).
  • EDM x4.
  • Storage room /area for Implement weighing equipment, all weighing equipment shall carry a valid calibration certificate.
  • PA system.
  • Medical facility, room or mobile unit for first aid and treating minor injuries.
  • Car Parking
  • Accessible accommodation overlooking the track to accommodate announcer, commentator, Photo Finish Officials and equipment, Results Officials, and match day administrators with equipment.
  • Accessible changing facilities with showers.
  • Accommodation for Officials.

All removable competition equipment such as hurdles, steeplechase barriers, landing mats, stop boards, throwing cages etc should be inspected before any competition as they do not form part of the UKA Athletics Facility Competition Certificate.

Section Two – UKA Licensing

Member clubs must ensure that the host venue must have achieved OR demonstrated a commitment to working towards TrackMark accreditation.

Section Three – Athletic Equipment

The following competition equipment should be available for NAL Premiership and Championship fixtures.

  • Horizontal jumps sighting boards
  • Plasticine rolls
  • Plasticine rollers
  • Runway markers
  • Rakes, shovels and brushes
  • High Jump Height Measure
  • Competition Pole Vault Crossbars
  • Pole Rack
  • Pole Vault Height Measure
  • Pole Vault Lifters
  • 7.26 kg Competition Shot x4 (complies with UKA Rule 188)
  • 4 kg Competition Shot) x4 (complies with UKA Rule 188)
  • 2kg Competition Discus x4(complies with UKA Rule 189)
  • 1kg Competition Discus x4(complies with UKA Rule 189)
  • Discus Wheel-Away Discus Trolley
  • 800g Competition Javelins x4 (complies with UKA Rule 193)
  • 600g Competition Javelins x4(complies with UKA Rule 193)
  • Wheel-away Javelin Stand
  • 7.26 kg Competition Hammers x4(complies with UKA Rule 191)
  • 4 kg Competition Hammers x4(complies with UKA Rule 191)
  • Wheel-away Hammer Stand
  • Red Flags, White Flags, Yellow Flags
  • Pig Tail Stakes or similar
  • 8mm Polypropylene Rope
  • Distance Marker Boxes 30m to 80m (by 10m)
  • Distance Marker Boxes 10m to 20m (by 1m)
  • Red Sector Line Flags
  • Time-elapsed clocks x6
  • Multi-markers Gym Benches
  • Windsocks with stands
  • Ground fixings or weights for scoreboards
  • Squeegee and brushes for circles
  • Referee’s kit- Hammer Length Gauge & Javelin Gauge
  • 100m Steel Tape
  • 100m Fibreglass Tapes
  • 50m Fibreglass Tapes
  • 30m Fibreglass Tapes
  • 20m Fibreglass Tapes

Section Four – Track and field Officials

In accordance with NAL Rule-34 all participating clubs, including the host club, must provide the following officials:

  • 1 Timekeeper,
  • 1 Track Judge,
  • 4 Field Judges of whom one must be qualified at Level 2.

The promoting club must appoint a Meeting Manager and the following Chief Officials:

  • Chief Starter, (Level 3 minimum
  • Chief Starters Assistant x2 (Level 3 minimum)
  • Chief Marksman
  • Field Referee, (Level 3 minimum)
  • Track Referee, (Level 3 minimum)
  • Chief Timekeeper. (Level 3 minimum)
  • Chief Photofinish (Level 3 minimum

Please note that under the new UKA Level II Licensing criteria, all Chief Officials must be at least level 3 or above. Chief Officials cannot double up as track and field officials.

Promoting Club and Meeting Manager must appoint other roles as necessary to include:

  • Results recorders
  • Announcer
  • Photo Finish Operators
  • Additional track and field officials as required

Field Events minimum numbers

The promoting Club should ensure the following number of officials are allocated per event:

HJ and PV (3 Officials)

  • 1 person for card and call up
  • 2 people one on each side upright

Hammer and Discus (6 Officials)

  • 1 person on call up and card
  • 2 people on foot infringements (either side of cage)
  • 1 person on spike
  • 1 person on EDM
  • 1 person on retrieve

Javelin (6 Officials)

  • 1 person on call up and card
  • 1 person on foot infringements
  • 2 on spike
  • 1 on EDM
  • 1 on retrieve (2 would be perfect)

Shot (6 Officials)

  • 1 person on call up and card
  • 1 person on arm action
  • 1 person on foot infringements
  • 1 on spike
  • 1 on EDM
  • 1 on retrieve

LJ and TJ (6/7 Officials)

  • 1 person on call up/card/wind gauge
  • 1 person on foot infringements
  • 1 person on foot sequence for TJ
  • 1 on spike
  • 1 on EDM
  • 2 people on rake

Clubs are able to engage in a mutual agreement to exchange track and field officials for selected NAL fixtures whereby, one club does not travel with the full complement of Officials, but is able to fulfil their provision of officials in accordance with NAL rules through another member club located nearer to the competition venue. (Quid pro quo) The agreement must be ratified by the Divisional Co-ordinator. Please not, if a Club does not fulfil the terms of their agreement, they will be subject to a reduction in the number of official points awarded and the aggrieved club awarded accordingly.

Section Four – Additional

The host club must ensure that adequate arrangements are made for:

  • The provision of first aid at the match, cover to commence from the start of the meeting.
  • The provision dry and warm space for officials to relax between duties. This should be separate from the accommodation for athletes and spectators.
  • The availability of hot and cold drinks throughout the meeting for officials.
  • Packed lunches for every official which include at least:
  1. A sandwich (with a choice of fillings for vegetarians)
  2. A sweet biscuit or a slice of cake
  3. A piece of fruit.
  4. Packet of crisps
  • Supply of hot or cold drinks as appropriate to officials in the field who are not able to get to the rest area for a drink.
  • Photocopying facilities that are capable of producing results at the end of the match for each Club
  • WiFi
  • Designated parking for starters
  • Area inside/outside to accommodate physio/massage tables
  • Catering facilities which meet the dietary needs of athletes and spectators
  • Area on or off site for coaches.
  • Emailing a copy of the results to:
  1. Jacky Brett – 
  2. Power of 10 –
  3. NUTS, Peter Matthews – 
  4. NAL –
  5. NAL –
  6. NAL –
  7. Tops in Athletics –