League Structure

NAL TVH trophy

2022 League Champions- Thames Valley Harriers

The National Athletics League comprises three levels involving 37 Clubs competing at four rounds of fixtures. At the top of the NAL is the Premiership involving 16 clubs, next level involves 16 clubs in the Championship followed by National One with 5 Clubs. The League system has a hierarchical format with promotion and relegation between divisions and Area Leagues.

The club competition structure within the Premiership and Championship involves Round Robin group format fixtures with each Division divided into 4 seeded groups.

Fixtures to be held on:

Round 1 Sunday 11th June 2023                                          

Round 2 Saturday 15th July 2023

Round 3 Saturday 5th August 2023                                     

Groups are determined through the World Athletics seeding system. Each seeded group will have the opportunity to compete against the other three seeded groups, in their division, over the first three fixtures of the season.

Premiership and Championship groups are determined through the World Athletics seeding system.

Each fixture weekend would involve two Premiership and Championship matches of eight clubs per round.

The fourth fixture is a Grand Finale weekend which involves two separate fixtures. The top 8 clubs in the Premiership based upon the league table after the first three rounds of fixtures contest Match A and clubs from 9th to 16th contest Match B. Likewise in the Championship.

Division One involves five clubs following traditional competition structure of four fixtures.