City of Portsmouth AC

Founded: 1880

Identity Code: PORT

HQ: Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, PO2 9QA

The Portsmouth Harriers were formed in 1880. Around the same period, Portsmouth Beagles were also founded. The 1890s saw the emergence of Portsmouth Spartan AC, later to become Portsmouth Corinthian AC, then Portsmouth Caledonian AC, followed by Portsmouth City AC.

Portsmouth Harriers and Portsmouth Beagles combined to form the Portsmouth Racing Club around 1910. In 1927, the second Portsmouth Harriers was formed.

On 8th March 1932 the three existing athletic clubs Portsmouth Harriers, Portsmouth City AC and Portsmouth Racing Club, decided to amalgamate to form Portsmouth Athletic Club.

Portsmouth Atalanta Ladies merged with Fareham AC in 1986 to become Atalanta Fareham AC. In 1989, the club became Portsmouth Fareham & District. In 1993, they merged with Portsmouth Athletic Club to become City of Portsmouth AC. Portsmouth joined the BAL in 2015.

Louise Lockyer competed in the 17th edition of BBC Mastermind programme answering questions on the plays of Aristophanes.

Colours: White vest with blue horizontal band and red sides