Membership Enquiry

Thank you for considering the National Athletics League. From the end of the 2022 NAL season the League will be accepting applications for membership from clubs who are members of the top Division of the Midland, Northern, Scottish, Southern or Welsh Leagues. 

Photo: Havering AC

Membership Rules

1. Only clubs affiliated to UKA as defined by Rule 21 S2 are accepted as Members. In case of doubt, the NAL Committee shall decide whether a club is an open club.

2. Composite clubs defined by UKA Rule 21 S4(4) are not permitted to be members of the League.

3. If a non NAL club shall amalgamate with a NAL club, the amalgamated club shall be entitled to continue as a member of the NAL in the position of the constituent club.

Annual Membership Fees 2022

£800 per track and field season.


Applications will only be accepted from

  • Midland Athletics League Division One- top two non NAL Clubs
  • Northern Track & Field League- Premier Division Champions, North-east, East & West
  • Scottish Athletics League- top two clubs
  • Southern Athletics League Division One-top three non NAL Clubs.
  • Welsh Athletics League- top two clubs

Clubs from the top division of the Midland, Northern, Scottish, Southern or Welsh Leagues who  are invited to apply for a place through a promotion match. 


Please complete the Enquiry Form below to register your club’s interest of potentially becoming a member of the NAL by 17th September 2022.

You will then receive an application form to be completed by your club’s Secretary which documents 2022 league event performances by 31st September 2022.