The below is based on the following UK Athletics’ guidance document published in February 2021.

Photo: Matthew Quine

Licences will be issued, but we ask organisers to take responsibility for informing both UKA Track & Field licensing and Home Country organisations of any changes that occur through the process of restrictions being eased that will impact and prevent their event from taking place.


Level 1 licences will be issued by the four HCAFs and Level 2 by UKA.
On application to the UK Athletics Licence process, organisers apply for a Level 1 licence, but will be given the opportunity to request consideration for upgrading to Level 2. A history of successful competition at that level, a high standard of competitors, as well as fulfilling all Level 2 licensing requirements is a necessity.

Licence applications should be submitted early, but an absolute minimum notice period of 10 days.


With safety in mind ALL licensed events (both Level 1 and Level 2) must be held at venues that have achieved or are actively working towards TrackMark. For further information on UKA’s TrackMark Facility accreditation scheme visit this link.

Licensed Level 2 competitions involving Hammer, Discus or Weight Throw will only be approved at venues if the throws cage meets World Athletics specifications (i.e. from a cage with a hammer danger zone of no more than 56 o and a discus danger zone of no more than 69o).

Contact for further information or guidance.

Where Level 1 Licence applications include Hammer, Discus or Weight Throw events within the competition and their throws cage has not been formally assessed, an agreement to undertake a risk assessment will be necessary. These events will not be allowed to take place if the cage has failed its safety inspection. Contact for further information or guidance.