National Athletic League (NAL) recognises that athletes, coaches and members of the public will often want to take photographs or record video footage at NAL fixtures on cameras and mobile devices. These may be athletics fans; amateur or freelance photographers; local or national journalists and media organisations, or paying spectators.

Photo: Augustas Didzgalvis

In practical terms, of course, it will often be impossible to prevent and difficult or disproportionate to police.

NAL Athletic venues may be public places but they are also private property. This means that the NAL can impose reasonable requirements, suitably notified, on members of the press or public as a condition of entry. However, the images will be owned by the person taking them, unless he or she is acting as an employee or under a specific commission.

Where hosting clubs and venues do have legal responsibility is in their general duty of care to protect participants and members of the public from foreseeable or preventable crime, harassment or safeguarding concerns that may arise from certain activity.

Any course of behaviour that could be construed as harassment of an individual is potentially a criminal matter. In such instances take action swiftly by reporting the matter.

The National Athletic League (NAL) is committed to providing a safe environment for young people under the age of 18 to participate in athletics. Essential to this commitment, is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect young people from the inappropriate use of photographic images or film recordings.

The NAL will assume the position that NAL member clubs have informed and have been granted permission by the young person or parent of press photographer(s) presence at the fixture and the photography will be taking photographs of events involving competitors, some of whom may be young people.

Member Clubs of the NAL must adopt the practice guidelines issued by UK Athletics regarding photography.
NAL member clubs hosting fixtures will be required to:

  • Inform athletes and team managers that a photographer/filming crew will be in attendance at an event and ensure they do not object to the taking and publication of films or photographs.
  • Register all accredited and non-accredited freelancers or amateur photographers.
  • Issue an identification pass which must be worn and clearly visible at all times during the event.
  • Act on the concerns of any athletes or team managers regarding the inappropriate use of photographic equipment
  • Inform young people and their team manager if video equipment is to be used as a coaching aid.