Are you an athletics fan thinking of embarking on a career in media or journalism?
 Do you sometimes listen to the PA announcers at track and road events and think “I could do that”?
 Are you a club member looking to enhance and widen your relationship with the sport?

Announcer Tony Miller. Photo: Mark Shearman

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the National Athletic League in partnership with England Athletics have some great opportunities for you.

England Athletics have a project that will give selected applicants the experience of one on one tutoring in the spring and early summer by Rob Walker, World Athletics commentator and a broadcaster with two decades of TV experience.

This will be followed by the chance sit alongside Rob and veteran announcer/statistician Peter Matthews at various England Athletics events throughout the summer, before getting on the mic yourself to lead the commentary on your own at National Athletic League Fixtures.

England Athletics is providing an opportunity to learn about what goes on in the commentary box with Rob Walker and Peter Matthews.  However, to take advantage of this opportunity you need to register your interest, tell us a bit about yourself and send us your CV.

You don’t have to be an expert in broadcasting and this isn’t a promise of a job at the end of summer, but it is a chance to get to grips with the basic skills involved in covering the sport and open the door to a fascinating industry. Expenses and training will be covered for successful applicants.

Athletics is a sport heavily connected to Statistics, but you don’t have to have an encyclopaedic level of knowledge to excel on this project. It’s about having an instinct for the sport and a willingness to learn, prepare and dive in at the deep end.

For more information, advice and guidance please​ contact