Meeting Manager Duties

  • The Meeting Manager should have an officials’ qualification wherever possible.
  • The Meeting Manager MUST not have any other official duty at the competition, they must coordinate with the Covid-19 Coordinator or appropriate person to ensure that all social distancing guidance, hygiene guidance, and flow routes are maintained.

Prior to Competition

1. Stadium Booked

2. First Aid Booked

3. Covid Officer (CO) appointed. This can be a member of the Stadium staff. This appointment needs to be made in good time to allow the CO to carry out their own pre-competition assessments.

4. Check all stadium equipment to be used is in good order

5. Photo-finish booked

6. EDM equipment booked

7. Radios booked

8. Ensure internet enabled WIFI is available. Contact Simon Fennell if a temporary solution is required.

9. We cannot encourage spectators to attend but there will be a live stream of start lists and results, plus social media feeds. Please obtain the web links for your meeting and provide them to your local news media for use on their own websites.

10. Liaise with your League Co-ordinator and keep them abreast of any issues you are facing.
a) Premiership – Ann Owen
b) Championship – Jan Lishman
c) National ONE – Andrew Jackson

11. Appoint principal officials – all should be at least Level 3
a) Field Referee
b) Track Referee
c) Timekeeper
d) Chief Starter
e) Chief Photo-Finish
f) Technical Manager

12. Appoint Non-Technical Officials
a) Announcer
b) Scorer – check if scorer needs a laptop & printer.

13. Keep checking officials’ portal to see officials’ availability and book officials accordingly. Monitor TM portal to check which officials are coming with their clubs. There should be 1 track judge, 1 timekeeper and 5 field judges (one of whom should be graded Level 2 or above).

14. Re-affirm attendance by your principal officials and agree scheduled arrival times. Share details of other officials with the Chiefs so they can prepare duty rosters at least 3 days beforehand.

a) Technical Manager & Technical team members – 90 minutes before start

b) Chief Officials and officials allocated to High Jump & Pole Vault – 60 minutes

c) All other officials – 45 minutes.

Responsibility for the competition on the day

15. Particularly, if it is a slow fill, make sure water jump tap is switched ON.

16. Radios put on charge

17. Meet officials and direct them to where they need to meet with their Chief

18. Check that Chiefs are having a briefing of their teams

19. Deal with any issues that happen on the day from athletes or team managers.

20. Deal with any rule questions (a UKA rule book is handy)

Meeting Manager is a pivotal role in ensuring that a meeting runs successfully. The duties may seem a lot and quite scary but by adopting a calm but firm and fair manner with no raised voices everything will come together to make a great day.

Sandra White – NAL Officials Secretary
Alan Johnson – NAL Operations Officer